Creating a Static HTML Snapshot of RPGM App


As a user of RCode and RPGM, I have created an application in R that allows me to analyze data using graphs and various filters; I can then run the app using RPGM.

I would like to know if it is possible (and if so, how) to create a static HTML file of the app, meaning without additional data other than what is displayed and without the possibility of queries or code execution using the different widgets?

For example, if my app consists of a page that allows me to filter my data and then display a graph, I would like to obtain an HTML of the app where you would simply observe the page as it is (i.e., the filters used, the graph, but with the ability to zoom in on areas of the Plotly graph) without being able to interact with it, essentially having an enhanced screenshot.

RCode version : 4.5.0
RPGM version : 4.0.1

Best regards.

Hello Julien,

I’m afraid that this might be out of the scope of RPGM.

You can either generate yourself, from scratch, an HTML page from R. But this requires some HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge.

The only other option is to load your app in RPGM Server, and try to do a right click anywhere, then click on “Save as…” in Chrome or Firefox. This create a simple “snapshot” of the page, but if your app is heavily using R or using other dynamic widgets like plotly, I don’t think it will work as the plotly widget is populated with data from R by connecting to an instanced server for your app, which your static snapshot will not have access to.